Design / UX/UI / Dev Team Management
Everybody has to have one, right? Forget business cards, these days nothing provides the air of legitimacy like a website.
Design / Coding / Implementation
eBlasts. Electronic mail sent en masse. The name conjures thoughts of the dreaded SPAM, but the reality is eBlasts are the best, easiest, most cost-effective way to stay in contact with prospects.
Art Direction / Design / Photo Retouching & Compositing
Getting a good image is a team effort. The photographer takes the shot, and the art director conveys the intent and vision to the photographer.
Design / Media Buying
Print is not dead!
Design / Print Management
All booklets, great and small. Yes, much like print ads, the day of the brochure appears to have reached twilight, but there's still something reassuring about picking up a thing that says (explicitly), “This purchase is the right choice.” Just don't skimp on the paper. Limited budget? Fewer pages, better paper; you won't regret it.
Whether it's a company, product, event, or steer rump, each needs an insignia to differentiate itself from the greater hordes.
Design / UI/UX / Photo Retouching & Compositing / Illustration / Printer & Mailhouse Management
An infographic here, an illustration there.